Mini 4wd Extreme
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Tracks are what Mini 4wd run on. Without them, there is no Mini 4wd. They are walled circuits with straight tracks, jumps, loops, and twists & turns. Tracks can be huge, or they can be small. To start talking about tracks, we must begin with the smallest of the tracks. To the left is the Tamiya Mini 4wd Oval Home Circuit. This is a two-lane track. It has a bridge that alows cars to change lanes, from the outer lane to the inner lane. Looks attractive, but is only good for people who have cars that go as fast as a rat crawling to its hole. Real fast cars will fly off the track at the bridge, or if built properly, will go around the circle in less than half a second.

Here's two more tracks. Let's first talk about the one on the top. It's a bit longer than the track above, and has three lanes. Unfortunately, it also has a bridge section in which many cars fly out of. Looks real nice, is real nice, but a fast car would get around a circle in about half a second. The track on the bottom is an Auldey track. It also switches lanes, but using a loop. Almost every car can go up a loop. Of course, a car that is way too slow would fall off the loop. Again, these three tracks are only good for practice at home, which is what it's really for. Of course, real tracks isn't this small. Just take a look at the tracks on the next page.

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