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The chassis is the main frame of the car. Most of the tune-up parts go on here. A car can't run without its chassis. Even if you take the cover off a car, the car still runs, because the motor and everything else is all on the chassis. The type of chassis can effect the way you tune-up your car, as some parts don't belong on certain chassis. So how many chassis are there? You'll be able to find out this page. Just take a look below.

Picture Name Year Released
Type-1 Type-1 1986
Type-2 Type-2 1988
Type-3 Type-3 1989
Type-4 Type-4 1990
Zero Zero 1990
FM FM 1990
Type-5 Type-5 1992
Super 1 Super 1 ?
Super FM Super FM ?
Super TZ Super TZ ?
Super TZ-X Super TZ-X ?
Super X Super X 1997
VS VS 1999