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About Mini 4wd

In 1982, Japanese people took a radio controlled car, shrunk it, took off the direction changing and the radio controlled features, added a propeller shaft, and created the first Mini 4wd. Some of you who come upon this site maybe don't know what Mini 4wd is. Some of you do know, except not enough. In a nutshell, Mini 4wd is a small (1:32 ratio) 4-wheel driven race car that run on specially designed race tracks. It is not remote control, and is battery powered. That means you can't just turn a Mini 4wd on, put it to the floor, and expect it to not hit something hard.

Racing and tuning up a Mini 4wd is the hobby of many people from all over the world. A car and its parts can be found in hobby stores (ex. HobbyTown USA). In the year 1997, Tamiya America introduced the first Mini 4wd (the Fully Cowled and Aero series) to the United States. Of course, the Tamiya company isn't the only company making Mini 4wd. There are many companies, and you can read about some of the larger companies below.


Tamiya Of all the many companies that make Mini 4wd, there's only one company that you can trust. One company's cars and parts are completely reliable, durable, and original. It's the company that came up with the concept of the Mini 4wd in 1982. Which company is that? Why, of course it's Tamiya!

The original is always the best, as I say, and that's true when it comes to Mini 4wd. Tamiya started out with its first car series, Racing, and then went on to Super, Fully Cowled, Aero, and Mighty. Every year, Tamiya holds a Great Japan Cup, the biggest racing event in the whole world. If you were to get any car at all, Tamiya would be your number one choice. It soars among all other brands.
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Auldey What's Auldey? Well, there's no question to that, as it's another company that makes Mini 4wd. Auldey is a Chinese company (the company that I know most about), and most of its cars are copies of Tamiya's cars. Recently, it made a set of cars by itself, known as the Team of Dream. Most of these cars uses chassis that Auldey made, the LV (designed after VS) and LW (designed after X).

Auldey is the second largest company to produce Mini 4wd, mainly because it serves the huge nation of China. Every year, this company has a huge final race for the Auldey Cup. During this race, selected racers from different provinces must go through Auldey's largest track, the Five-Lane Huge Dragon. Auldey is overall a pretty good company. Other than the undurable plastic and some unoriginality, Auldey is pretty much the same as Tamiya.
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Okami is yet another company that has to do with Mini 4wd. They produce high quality hop-up parts that in a way is superior to those of Tamiya. Okami is recognized for making trikes, or three-wheel cars that run really fast. Okami also sells parts that are really useful which Tamiya doesn't make, such as Aluminum Wheels and armatures to make your own motor.
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