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Every car needs a good motor to run well. The slowest Stock Motor will drop from a loop. The top-speed Plasma Dash might fly off a bridge. Fast motors are for straight tracks, normal motors are for technical courses, and Stock Motors are for trash. But don't expect to just put on the best motor and expect the car to do its best. A car might fly off the track easily. Also, when purchasing a motor, don't just consider the RPM, but also the torque. Torque is a very important aspect of a motor. Below is a list of every single Tamiya motor.

Picture Name RPM (With Load) RPM (Without Load) Torque Power Consumed
  FA-130 Motor 9900 13800 10 g-cm 1100
Touch Dash Touch Dash 11200 15000 10 g-cm 1300
Torque Tuned Torque Tuned 12000 13600 14.5 g-cm 1200
Atomic Tuned Atomic Tuned 13700 15700 10 g-cm 1300
Rev Tuned Rev Tuned 14300 17600 10 g-cm 1500
Hyper Dash Hyper Dash 17200 19300 10 g-cm 1600
Hyper Dash 2 Hyper Dash 2 ? ? 10 g-cm 1600
Mach Dash Mach Dash 20800 23400 15 g-cm 1900
Jet Dash Jet Dash 23000 28000 22 g-cm 4000
Ultra Dash Ultra Dash 24000 29000 20 g-cm 4000
Plasma Dash Plasma Dash 25000 29000 20 g-cm 4100

Making Your Own Motor

If you think putting a Plasma Dash on your car will get you first place in races, then your're very wrong. Yes, a Plasma Dash may be the best motor available, but that's not even a fourth as fast as a motor that you build yourself. What do I mean? I mean that you can wind your own armature, get some really strong magnets, a good electric brush, put them together, and TADA! You've now got a motor that goes over 70 kilometers per hour. It sounds easy, but it requires a lot of brainwork and patience. It can be very hard for beginners. This guide is for people who already know how to wind their own motors, but still have questions.

You must remember one thing, torque is good for technical tracks and uphills, and RPM is good for straight tracks. For more torque, you need stronger magnets and larger commutators. Thicker wire is good for top speed, requires less winds, but takes up a lot of battery juice. Thin wire, on the other hand, is slower, but uses less battery power. Using these options, try combining different wires with different armatures and different magnets. Each way is good, but it's all for you to discover.