Mini 4wd Extreme
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You can get the most fun out of Mini 4wd by racing it. The best place to do so is in an official race held by Tamiya. So of course, there are rules to racing. Below you can understand the rules before you enter a race.

Types of Vehicles

  • Tamiya cars and parts only.

Racing Car Features

  • Cars must be run in four wheel drive format. Modification to front or rear wheel drive is prohibited.
  • The body must be secured properly to the chassis, so that it will not come off during the race. Tamiya stock or Hop-Up bodies are allowed and may be modified by the racer. Unrealistic body modifications or scratch built tube frames are not allowed.
  • Race cars that may be a potential hazard to the track or other cars, are not allowed to race.
  • All cars must be inspected by the race officials. All components must comply with the rules and regulations. Cars that have not passed inspection may not participate.
  • Possession of a spare car is permitted on the condition that the features and degree of modification are identical with the approved car. Spare car is also required to pass inspection. Cars cannot be switched during the same heat.
  • Roller requirements: Maximum of 6 pieces total

Size of Cars

  • Maximum width (including rollers, etc.) 105mm (4.13")
  • Maximum height (including rear wing) 70mm (2.76")
  • Maximum length (including bumper, stabilizer, etc.) 155mm (6.10")
  • Minimum ground clearance 1mm (.004")
  • Minimum weight, ready to run 90gms
  • Tire diameter not less than 22mm (.87") or greater than 35mm (1.38")
  • Tire width not less than 8mm (.31") or greater than 26mm (1.02")


  • Cars must use the stock 130 type motor included in the kit or motors available in the Tamiya Tune-Up parts range.
  • All cars are limited to one motor only
  • Motors cannot be modified either externally or internally.
  • Some events may limit the type of motor that may be used

Power Source

  • All cars must use two AA batteries of either Zinc/Carbon, Alkaline or Ni-Cad
  • Batteries that have been tampered with or which have torn coverings will not be allowed

Tune-Up or Hop-Up Parts

  • Tune-Up parts are limited to Tamiya only
  • Parts may be modified as long as they meet regulation requirements


Please use the following guidelines when modifying a car:

  • Body and chassis may be trimmed, drilled or sanded to lighten.
  • Modifications made to car using Tamiya or scratch built parts are allowed
  • Scratch built chassis or alteration of wheelbase is not allowed
  • Gears may be modified for weight savings is allowed, but changing the number of teeth is prohibited
  • The car must be fitted with stock or Tamiya Tune-Up parts wheels and tires. Wheels and tires can be modified providing they are not potentially damaging to the track or other race cars or entrants
  • Stock bodies may be modified as long as it retains its basic appearance
  • Battery terminals and electronics must be stock or from available Tamiya Tune-Up parts and are limited to one set per car.
  • Modifying chassis to expose gear components is prohibited

Decorating Bodies

  • All race cars must be individually distinguishable. Paint or apply stickers to molded bodies and paint clear bodies.

Vehicle Inspection

  • All cars must be inspected by the race official prior to racing
  • No changes may be made to the car once it has passed inspection
  • Race officials may randomly inspect any car at any point of the race. Cars found not to be in compliance will loose all previous results. Entrant must bring cars back into compliance with the rules in order to return to the event


  • When an entrant is found pushing, throwing or releasing a car prior to the starting signal, the race director may impose a penalty such as additional time


The focus for these events is fun. However racers may be disqualified for the following reasons:

  • If the car is potentially damaging to the track or to other cars or racers
  • When the car is found to have been intentionally modified to interfere with other cars during racing
  • If the racer intentionally disrupts other cars or the track while racing is in session
  • Modifying the car after inspection
  • Disobeying officials or disrupting the race
  • Displaying non-sportsman like behavior that is disturbing to others


  • A car may be used by only one person (two or more persons may not share a car)
  • Age restrictions may apply to some classes or events

Concours d'Elegance

  • Awards will be presented to the cars that display the best finish, workmanship and overall appearance
  • Concours entries are not limited to race participants
  • Concours contests may be held at the discretion of the race director

Remember, these rules only apply to races set up by Tamiya. Other company's might have other rules.

Source: Tamiya America